Slightly better than last time out

This one (and a lot of others) ate a jerkbait

And by slightly, I mean many magnitudes.

Steve and I hit the river early. Our first couple spots produced some fish, but the action certainly didn’t warm the cockles of our hearts. The water temp seemed surprisingly chilly, given the weather we’ve had the last couple days. The next spot was a good deal warmer. […]

Better than your average Saturday

Maybe it was because of the opening of trout season.

Maybe the early morning air temp in the mid thirties had something to do with it.

Perhaps it was the sustained 15 to 20 mph northwest winds in the forecast for the day.

Whatever the reasons, for a sunny, weekend in April, the tidal Housy […]

They keep you on your toes, these fish do.

All signs pointed to another banner day on the water today.

The river was still high, fast and muddy, and the water temp has finally gotten above 44 degrees. But early on, you wouldn’t know that conditions were favorable by the results Steve Durkee and I were getting. It took us a while to find […]

Yesterday would have felt like a great day, if it wasn’t for…

If it wasn’t for the previous day, yesterday would have felt like an exceptional day on the river. The water temp actually hit 41 and stayed there. The fish — including the keeper sized fish — were active and the weather was reasonably comfortable with negligible winds and air temps in the fifties.

Steve Durkee […]

Another day on the river.

Alex & I hit the Housy again today. Last Sunday, we had kind of a tough morning. Today was anything but.

Alex had already caught and released a 35 incher before I even thought about getting the camera out. This was his next cast.

The river was still high, fast and a bit off-colored from […]