To the sweetwater!

Jimfish's pond boat ready to take on the day.

Here it is the middle of April and I’ve been so preoccupied chasing stripers that until today, I hadn’t been fishing for freshwater bass. Figured it was time to change that, so I joined Jimfish for a day on the pond.

With bass likely in early prespawn mode and some pretty strong winds forecast for […]

Champlain, like it’s supposed to be!

I’ve been hearing and reading that the fishing at Lake Champlain — my favorite place to fish — has been off this year. The three days I just spent there fishing with my son Tom, it was anything but. In fact, I’d call it spectacular!

We try to spend the weekend closest to Tom’s birthday […]

Memorial Day at Mudge.

In the past, I’ve usually found Mudge and other horsepower restricted lakes to get crowded on holidays as more anglers try to avoid the crowds on the bigger lakes. That wasn’t the case today, as there was one other boat on the lake when we got out, and he left after a few hours. We […]