A little skim ice, plenty of mud, a whole lot of oil, and oh yeah, a bunch of fat girls.

Alex getting ready to put a lip lock on his 2nd fat girl of the day.

The river is slowly clearing from last week’s rain and snow melt, but it’s still off color enough to keep the fat girls chewing a bit. The big deal today though (other than the fishing) was how quickly and how hard yesterday’s oil spill in Waterbury hit the Housatonic.

Regardless of having to wipe it […]

Drizzly Sunday

The weathermen seemed to all be telling us we’d get an all day soaking on Sunday. Turned out to be more of an intermittent drizzle. But the cloud cover held and the wind didn’t blow. To me, that combo spells good fishing. And that’s exactly what we experienced.



For those not old enough to remember, 45 years or so ago, there was a TV show entitled TW3, which stood for This Was The Week That Was. Figured I’d borrow the title for this week.

In any case, my fishing results over the past week or so have been varied. I started at a […]

What are the chances of breaking Connecticut’s largemouth record?

The largemouth record in Connecticut is 12-14 and has stood since 1961. For all intents and purposes, it will take a 13 pound bass to beat the existing record. How likely is that to happen? A handful of relatively giant bass caught in Candlewood this spring have gotten the the record juices flowing in the […]