McD on Saturday

Jim's best of the day came cranking a Jumbo Jig up fast from deep water.

Fished Lake McDonough (Compensating Reservoir) with Jimfish on Saturday. We ran a little late heading up there, and expected to be at the tail end of a substantial line of boats waiting for the gates to open at 8AM. We were shocked to find only 2 cars and no boats at all ahead of us […]

To the sweetwater!

Jimfish's pond boat ready to take on the day.

Here it is the middle of April and I’ve been so preoccupied chasing stripers that until today, I hadn’t been fishing for freshwater bass. Figured it was time to change that, so I joined Jimfish for a day on the pond.

With bass likely in early prespawn mode and some pretty strong winds forecast for […]

Yesterday would have felt like a great day, if it wasn’t for…

If it wasn’t for the previous day, yesterday would have felt like an exceptional day on the river. The water temp actually hit 41 and stayed there. The fish — including the keeper sized fish — were active and the weather was reasonably comfortable with negligible winds and air temps in the fifties.

Steve Durkee […]

Today’s fishing was more satisfying for some than for others.

I needed a fresh water fix, and Jimfish was available, so we headed for Mudge Pond this morning. Between the sketchy launch possibilities for my boat with the lake level up, and the 4 trailers that were there ahead of us, we decided to skip Mudge and head for the-lake-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned. We put the boat in […]

Sweet trip to the sweet water

Being boatless for the moment, I took advantage of Jimfish’s hospitality today, and fished Mudge with him, in his 12 foot jonboat.

Jim’s boat, Jim’s schedule, which meant we didn’t get to the lake until a bit after 8. We caught fish pretty well for the first hour or two. Or more accurately, I caught […]