Was today the last hurrah for the Housy?

Steve and I had planned to fish the Connecticut River today, as it seemed to us that the action in the Housy had fallen way off toward the end of last week. But with the prediction for heavy rain combined with 20-plus winds out of the east, we opted for the narrower and more protected […]

Well that was an odd day on the water

The burning boat came to rest at the mouth of the Far Mill River, near Sikorsky Aircraft. Photo from the Shelton Herald.

Today started out pretty tough for Carl Lovisolo and myself. Everywhere we went, we had fish looking at our topwater offerings, swirling behind them, or just following them to the boat without making any kind of a move on them.

Oh, we caught some as we moved from spot to spot. Mostly small, but with […]

It was an awful day on the water…

…until it turned into a fantastic day on the water!

Steve Durkee and I thumbed our noses at the weatherman today. Two-and-a-half inches of rain in the forecast? No big deal. We ain’t no wussies; we’re fishermen!


Rugged outdoorsmen.

Idiots, in some eyes.

Getting a little wet is no big deal, right?

Actually, after […]

Mixed results today

When Carl Lovisolo & I launched his boat this morning, I had a laundry list of things I wanted to try and places I wanted to check.

Some of those techniques worked well, and some didn’t. Some worked in some of the places I wanted to check, but in other places,we had to revert to […]

Slightly better than last time out

This one (and a lot of others) ate a jerkbait

And by slightly, I mean many magnitudes.

Steve and I hit the river early. Our first couple spots produced some fish, but the action certainly didn’t warm the cockles of our hearts. The water temp seemed surprisingly chilly, given the weather we’ve had the last couple days. The next spot was a good deal warmer. […]