Interesting day on the Housy

Jimfish and I took a ride down the Housatonic this morning, to see what we could find. Due to the current condition of the Derby ramp, I didn’t want to launch until the tide was somewhere in the general vicinity of the end of the pavement, so we didn’t actually get on the water until […]


We found some fish that had actually swum the gauntlet of the oyster army and the dredging boats and made it into the Housy!

Before today, it had seemed like the only way we could catch fish when we hit the Housatonic this fall involved running out of the the river into the Sound, or […]

CTR stripers before the weather turns

The weather is supposed to take a turn for the ugly over the next couple days, but Monday was beautiful, so we had to get out fishing!

Joined Steve Durkee for a Connecticut River excursion. Due to some battery issues, we got a late start. Then we went to a spot where we knew we’d […]

Housy mouth and LIS with Alex

Alex and I haven’t been fishing together since the early summer, shortly after I got my new boat. Today, we used his boat, because he has a permit for the Stratford ramp, and we knew we’d be fishing down near the mouth of the river, and with the forecast for calm seas, we suspected we […]

Back in my comfort zone!

Took me a few days to recover from 13 straight days of fishing and dragging the boat all over Western New England and Eastern New York, but I finally got out on the water again today. Timing myself for hassle free launch and retrieval at the Derby Ramp, I didn’t put the boat in the […]