Hatch – solo

Took a ride to Hatch today. Found 80 degree water that was surprisingly clear. Just a hint of a greenish tint, but a couple feet of visibility, which is a lot for Hatch. The curly leaf pondweed is completely gone, as it is by this time every year, and the milfoil is growing in pretty […]

Candlewood at the end of June

Solo trip. Wasn’t sure where I was going when I left the house. Initially, I was thinking of Hatch. But I didn’t want to fish shallow and cast at the bank all day. I like fishing deep in the summer.

So I decided on Candlewood.

Air temp at 7:30 in the morning — just under […]

To the sweetwater!

Jimfish's pond boat ready to take on the day.

Here it is the middle of April and I’ve been so preoccupied chasing stripers that until today, I hadn’t been fishing for freshwater bass. Figured it was time to change that, so I joined Jimfish for a day on the pond.

With bass likely in early prespawn mode and some pretty strong winds forecast for […]

A decent day at Twin for team geezer

Jimfish & I hit East Twin Lake today, and while the fishing wasn’t lock & load by any means, overall, it was pretty good. More so for Jim than me, but after last week’s one sided catch in my favor at Lakeville, that’s OK.

Early on, our usual favorite areas were definitely not producing, but […]

Father’s Day morning at Hatch

I wanted to be home by about 2, so I opted for a trip to my designated half-day pond. Hatch Pond in Kent. I was joined by my friend Tom Dages. Hatch is small, and I can easily fish everything I want to fish in it in a half-day. Twice. Also, to to me, the […]