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About RichZ

I consider myself an old school outdoor writer, and honed my craft writing about my own experiences and discoveries rather than interviewing sponsored professional anglers, whose contributions are always laced with, and often driven entirely by, promotion of their sponsors’ products. The fact that the bass and walleye markets — and sadly, much of the inshore salt water media as well — have evolved into such a sponsor driven platform is what keeps me from investing the time and effort to write about the sport I love on a full time basis any more.

After 30+ years of writing a weekly outdoor/fishing column for the (Danbury, CT) News-Times, I received a lot of mail and e-mail wondering if there was a new outlet for my ramblings on fish and fishing in the months following the paper’s decision to do away with my column, and have in-house reporters cover the outdoor news. The end result is this blog.

With freedom to write what I want instead of having to appease editors who are clueless regarding the outdoors and who are afraid of opinions that may not be in harmony with the paper’s official editorial stance, this should prove to be more fun, if less profitable.

My first love in writing about fishing though, has always been the detailed, how-to/why-to style piece. Many hundred such pieces of mine were published in various print media over the years that I was most active in the “fishing education” business. In-Fisherman, Fishing Facts, BassMaster, Bass Fishing, Outdoor Life and numerous other titles featured my work. Now you can mostly find it here, online.

I also contributed to numerous books from the Hunting and Fishing Library, In-Fisherman, Simon & Schuster  and other publishers, and authored one book for the North American Fishing Club. That 1993 book (Titled Advanced Bass Techniques by the publisher, despite the fact that it’s not technique driven) has been long out of print. Copies often turn up on Amazon and e-bay for those who might be interested. ISDN# 091469751X.

Here’s an article about Rich from the Bass Fishing Archives.