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Since when do whitetails lie?

I’m usually a big believer in natural signs. Active wildlife equates to active fish, etc. This morning on the way to the lake, we saw more deer along the roadside and in adjacent fields than ever. And there was the largest flock of crows by the lake I’ve ever seen. A group of crows is called a murder. This was a mass murder of crows. And they were screeching and cawing non stop.

Yet the fish were anything but active today. Jim & I fished Lakeville, and drop shotted 11 bass and about twice that many pickerel between us.

I had 10 of the bass, and my biggest was a 2-1/2 pounder. Three of the others, if you held ’em just right, squinted, and used your imagination, you might be tempted to call ’em two pounders. But you’d be lying to yourself. The rest were smaller still.

Worse yet, when we came off the water, the deer were still active on the drive home. WTF?

Gotta change something up, so I’m going the other direction tomorrow. Instead of largemouth in a lake, I’m going smallies in moving water. Sure hope it’s better.

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