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Busy fishing weekend

Saturday, 8/14

A saltwater trip with Steve & Dave wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad, either. After hooking up with a triple of stripers on our first drift we thought it was going to be gangbusters. But but things quickly settled down to a slow pick of stripers and blues, plus a sea bass and a porgy, all on soft plastics on jig heads.

And since we were aboard Steve’s boat — the “Double Header” — we felt obliged to catch ’em two at a time as often as possible.

Sunday, 8/15

Old buddy Chris King stopped in CT on his way to his annual fishing trip to Maine. Chris is a former CT resident now living in Florida. He loves fishing Lakeville, and was really anxious to test its waters again, so off to the Northwest corner we headed. Since Chris was towing his boat to Maine, we used that, and I was in the unfamiliar position of fishing Lakeville from the back seat.

With the heavy cloud cover, we were hoping we’d get some active fish moving around, and maybe even a horizontal presentation bite. No such luck. I caught 4 on a jig/worm, 2 on the 1 oz jig, and 10 on the drop shot. Chris caught 7, all on the drop shot. We also caught a jillion pickerel, but Chris had like 4/5 of a jillion to my paltry 1/5 of a jillion. Not once, but 5 times, we had doubles, with Chris’s half of the double being 2 or 3 times the size of mine, but equipped with a double helping of teeth and slime. Like this…

The bass were mostly 1-3/4 to 2-1/2 pounds — typical Lakeville largemouths.

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  • We tend to undervalue the pickerel, but when they get up above 4 or 5 pounds, they pull like crazy and provide a lot of fun — especially on light tackle. In the lake I was fishing Sunday, they grow big, and they typically spend 98% of their time 20 to 30 feet down, outside the deepest edge of the weed growth, where they are suckers for small stuff. Here’s an clear shot of a better sized one my buddy Jim caught out of the back of my boatg last August.

  • TuffEnuff

    Stunning colors on that pickerel. We have oodles of northern pike “up north” here in Minnesota but that don’t look nearly anything like that.

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