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Would it hold up for two days in a row?

Lakeville was so good to me yesterday that we figured we could smack ’em today.

First, we get to the ramp and there’s a club tournament. I swear it wasn’t listed, but I just checked again, and it was. I’ve got no business griping about it then. Should’ve just turned around and fished somewhere else when we saw all the boats.

Anyway, we put in and scooted right to my favorite rock, as fast as 55# of thrust would take us. In 30 minutes, I had 6 bass in the boat. 3 out of very deep water on the DS, and 3 off the weed edge on an Ozmo. Jim had one on the DS.

Went from there to yesterday’s best spots. 4 hours later, I’ve still got 6 bass, and Jim has 2. Pickerel are another story. 7 to 1 bass to pickerel ratio yesterday, maybe 1 to 3 today. SIGH.

The question is, where the bass that much less active on Sunday, or were the more numerous big pickerel that much more active? Saturday, it seems like the front affected the pickerel much more than the bass, which is out of character, in my experience. But Sunday, the pickerel seemed more active than the bass. Much more active. So which fish’s activity level changed over night? For all I know, the bass could have been just as active on Sunday as on Saturday, but the toothy guys were just more actively searching for food, and ‘beating the bass to the bait’.

Anyway, if figure the bass fishing was 25% as good as yesterday. We ended up with 17 between us. Twice as many anglers and half as many fish. That’s 25%. Bummer. Caught fish from less than 3 feet (Jimfish got two in almost no water on Lunker City’s new PanHead swim jig) to approximately 35 (my early DS fish off the front face of ‘my’ rock. We just didn’t catch a lot of them. Best one was on the jig/worm again, and was remarkably close in size to yesterday’s top of the line.

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