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Tough afternoon on the water.

Tough for me anyway.

Had a final checkup with the retina surgeon this morning, so I set it up with Steve to meet him about noon at the river. He texted me at 10, letting me know that his first fish was a 31 incher. By the time I got there, he only had 10, but they ranged in size from 24 to 27, in addition to the keeper he started off with.

By the time we called it quits at 3:45, he had probably reached 50. I wasn’t counting, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit double digits until the last hour or so, when I finally hit a patch of fish that wanted what I was throwing and put another 10 or 12 in the boat. Remember what I said yesterday about the advantage of being in my own boat? When I fish with someone else, I usually travel light. Today I took 3 rods, a small box of lures and a big thermos of coffee. And today, the fish really seemed to want a gang rig. I’ve got loads of ChandelieriouZ rigs in my office/storage room at home. During schoolie season I’ve always got a few in the boat, too.

My boat.

Not Steve’s.

But I haven’t really found a good gang rig bite yet this season, so packing one was the last thing on my mind today. Steve only had one, and I’d bet he caught 2/3 of his fish on it today. And when he snapped it off on a cast, he was pretty much done catching them for the day, too.

Just as yesterday, the average size of the fish we caught was well above normal schoolie size. Seems to me that for some reason, the much more numerous smaller fish aren’t biting very readily right now, so the total catch is down, but the bigger schoolies and the keepers are biting at their normal rate, so they make up an inordinate percentage of that catch. And since I’m not into total numbers this year,  that’s just fine with me.

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