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Compensating, the end is nigh!

No, the end of the world isn’t on the horizon. At least as far as I know. But the end of the season at Compensating Reservoir (aka Lake McDonough) is near.

Very near.

Tomorrow (9/1/14) is the last day the boat launch will be open. Shore fishing doesn’t close, but ahhh… I don’t shore fish all that much.

Or at all, really.

So tomorrow is it for me as far as McD’s is concerned, probably until the Striper action in the rivers tapers off  next June.

First fish of the day hit the "big little jig."

First fish of the day hit the “big little jig.”

Jimfish and I were the 4th boat in this morning, and we were fishing by about 8:20. Water was very clear, and the surface temp was 75 to 76. I hooked up right away, fishing my big little jig on a 14 to 18 foot sand grass covered flat that I like to start at. The big little jig is a 1/4 ouncer with a huge skirt (about 2/3 the extra full skirt I use on the BIG JIG) and a pretty big trailer. It presents a large profile, but doesn’t get itself mired down in the vegetation carpet like a heavier jig would. Not a big fish. Had to look at it just right to convince myself it was even worth taking a picture of.

That would prove to be the only jig & pig fish of the day. After that, it was all drop shot and Grubster. I had a pretty enjoyable day. Jimfish, unfortunately, didn’t.  Not sure what the problem was, but he just wasn’t on his game today.

I ended up with 16 bass. 13 largemouth and 3 smallies.  Jim, not so many.

I got a couple on a smoke Grubster, and a few drop shotting my standard motor oil Ribster. But it was pretty slow pickings until I switched to a Blue Halo 2-1/4″ Grubster. The fishing wasn’t fast, but if you fished slowly and tediously enough, they would eat that flashy little bait. I ended up switching out the motor oil on the drop shot for a Clear Water Bait Ribster (that was as close to a blue halo Ribster as I had with me today) and got all three of my smallies on that.  As already alluded, most of the largemouth came on the Blue Halo Grubster, fished on a ¼oz LunkerGrip round head.

Once again, Jim & I managed to fish all day in weather that threatened to turn into a monster thunderstorm without getting rained on, then put the boat on the trailer, and it started to rain as we pulled out of the lot. Ended up driving all the way to Jim’s in the rain, including a deluge so bad the Route 8 traffic slowed to about 20mph for 5 miles or so.  Rain let up to a drizzle for Jim to unload his gear, then turned into a weird monsoon with bright sunshine all the way from Jim’s house to mine.

The rain stopped as I backed the boat up the driveway, so I never got even a little wet! Like I said — I had a pretty damned enjoyable day!

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