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And now for something completely different…

The last time I messed around with salt water was my last striper trip to the mouth of the Connecticut River, exactly 2 months ago. Today, I joined my buddy Steve (Double Header) Durkee for a trip on Long Island Sound. Fishing on 8/24 was a whole lot better than it was on 6/24. As usual, we would head out targeting striped bass, but with the expectation of getting into some bluefish as well. Our backup plan was to switch to black sea bass, with an outside shot at a weakfish (Squeteague)  or two. Final option, if nothing was biting, would be to try for some hubcap sized porgy (scup).

Turned out, we caught all of the above, and more. We also got a few sea robins (gurnard), a cunner (bergal) and a green crab that grabbed my lure and wouldn’t let it go. Damned thing let me drag it all the way up from 45 feet of water. We caught fish on a variety of soft plastics rigged on jigheads, but our primary weapon was heavy jigging spoon. Other than one striper, virtually all our fish came from 30 to almost 50 feet of water.

Here’s some fish porn…

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