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Relaxing day on the water.

Yeah, it was relaxing alright. Hardly got bothered by any fish at all.

All right, that was a tongue in cheek description of today’s fishing. Ryan Adams and I had an OK day on the water at East Twin Lake. Caught 12 keepers and a handful of small bass, along with just a few pickerel and panfish. Drop shot, grubs and a jig all produced a fish or two. Surprisingly, given the cloudless sky and flat calm surface, we even caught a handful of bass in 2 to 3 feet of water. But most came from the 6 to 18 foot range, and only a couple came deeper than 20 feet or so.

Nothing really picture-worthy in the lot of ’em, but we had a good time fishing for them anyway. Ryan even caught his first two Twin Lake smallies!

I really enjoyed getting to sit in the back seat and not concern myself with boat position, etc. all day. I might not have enjoyed it quite as much, except that Ryan seems to position and move the boat very much as I would have done myself. I know that for a fact, since I only found myself reaching for the the Terrova remote control I normally have around my neck once or twice all day!



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