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Last fishing trip for a while

I wouldn’t have gone fishing in the cold and wind today, except that tomorrow, I go for my fourth eye surgery since August. I’ll be in full face down mode again following the surgery, and it will likely be at least 3 to 4 weeks before I can get on the water again, so I took advantage of my last available day and headed to the Housy.

I didn’t get out until 9:30, and wanted to be off the water by 3 or thereabouts, so I could get home and empty my stuff from the boat and get it covered up before dark. It’s not going to be used for a while, and I won’t be able to do it after the surgery. After wasting too much time trying to catch fish closer to the ramp, I caved in and made the run down to the Rte 95 and Rte 1 bridges.

The fish are still just about where we left them on Sunday, and they’re still biting. I ended up with 75 for the day. One up river, 5 just above the bridges, and 69 between the Rte 1 bridge and the end of the no wake zone. Bear in mind that I was only in the productive area for about 2½ hours, and that included a fishless half-hour or during the full high slack tide.

I wouldn’t normally take a picture of a 24 inch fish, but this was the last one I caught, and the last I will catch for quite a while, so it’s a mile marker of sorts.


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