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Another day on the river.

Fished from the back of Alex’s boat today. That’s always a challenge, partly because I’m used to being in control, but mostly because Alex is better at catching these things than anyone I know. It can be a little disheartening to get outfished two or three to one, but that’s what usually happens when  fishing behind him. Heck it’s not unusual for him to put a fifty fish hurting on a buddy while he’s fishing from the back seat of someone else’s boat.

Today we fished from his boat, and I had what I would call a great day, easily surpassing the 64 fish goal I had set for the day, and hitting 90 in about 6 hours of actual fishing. Alex doesn’t count fish any more, but there’s no question that he at least doubled my catch.

No keepers today. Biggest fish seemed to be about 25 or 26 inches, and we probably had a dozen or more of those. I was going to break out the camera for #64, which gave me 3000 for the year. But #64 turned out to be a little 15 inch fish, and I wasn’t about to take its photo and make it an internet star.

As many fish as are moving into the river, I’d have set a new goal of reaching 4000 before year’s end if I wasn’t expecting to get shut down for the year by another round of retina surgery before the end of the month.

In the meantime, I’ll fish every day I possibly can before they go poking around inside my eyeball and I have to go into stare at the floor mode again.


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