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Opening day of trout season? Stripers are always open.

Yeah, I went back to the Housy again today. Steve joined me from about 7 to 11, and I stayed out by myself until 2:40 or so. Fishing was just too good to stop.

Of the 104 stripers I caught, 16 came on a 5.75″ Fin-S Fish on a 1/2 oz head, and 14 came on a Blue Back Herring color, Rapala BX Minnow jerkbait. All the rest came on either 7.5″ or 9″ Slug-Gos, unweighted.  Of the 5 keepers I caught, 3 came on the big Slug-Go, and one each came on the jerkbait and the Fin-S Fish.

Late in the day, I was fishing mostly the Fin-S Fish on the jighead. I was planning on leaving at 2:00. But as quitting time arrived, I had 99 fish. You know how I hate to leave on an odd number. Of course, I had to stay long enough to round my total to 100. And if I’m only fishing for one more fish, I’m going to throw the topwater, even if that action had slowed down as the tide ebbed.

First post-2pm cast — bang, my fifth keeper of the day smacks the Slug-Go the first time I twitch it. Well, that was too easy! You always have to check for another fish when you hook one, don’t you? Bang! There’s another one. OK. Now I’m not going to leave until I go 5 casts without a hit on the topwater. And that’s how I ended up with 104 instead of the 100 I was aiming at. And how I ended up not getting back to the boat ramp until 2:45 or so,

Bass fishing with Jimfish tomorrow. We’d better do REALLY well, or I’m going to be wishing I was on the Housy again.


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