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Still frozen

Another week of unfishable conditions. River is frozen. More snow on the ground than I can remember accumulating in one month. And it’s snowing like crazy out there again as I write this. At this point, I can’t foresee getting on the water again for a few weeks, at least.


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  • BassNBlues

    I am familiar with the necessary breeding conditions for stripers, but I’m also fond of the line from Jurasic Park when Dr. Alan Grant played by Sam Neil says something to the effect of “Nature finds a way”. Said in a different context — regarding same sex dinosaurs breeding — but, the sentiment is there. Not entirely wishful thinking on my part — I posed the same question to two long time Housatonic River fly fishermen who gave a lecture last fall regarding striper fishing in the upper Housatonic. When I asked them the same question I asked you, one of the guys rolled his eyes and uttered a barely audible “Yup”. Regardless, I’m perfectly content just having them winter over in such abundance.

    Speaking about getting out on the water again… when that does eventually happen, I would enjoy heading out to fish the river with you. Would you be open to the idea?

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