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A little skim ice, plenty of mud, a whole lot of oil, and oh yeah, a bunch of fat girls.

The river is slowly clearing from last week’s rain and snow melt, but it’s still off color enough to keep the fat girls chewing a bit. The big deal today though (other than the fishing) was how quickly and how hard yesterday’s oil spill in Waterbury hit the Housatonic.

Regardless of having to wipe it down to get the mud and oil off when I pulled it from the water today, it was great to finally get out in my own boat again, and Alex and I had some great fishing.

We started out hoping to get a few keepers early, and when the bigger fish seemed to be in a chewing mood, we adjusted our plan of attack to hopefully maximize our keeper catch. Part of our strategy was to sacrifice steady action from the little guys by staying off the thick schools of fish. Of course we cheated every now and then and put in 15 minutes or a half hour on a thick school, just to get a bunch of bites, but then we’d move away from the heavy school and start looking for arches we could count on the Raymarine display.

Not all the fish in those scattered packs are lunkers, so you’re still going to get some smaller fish. But even with the little guys mixed in, you’re not looking at hundred fish days with this strategy. Or even 50 fish days. Today, we didn’t bother counting fish. I’d hazard a guess that we had somewhere in excess of 30 each, and we fished for almost 7 hours. But we ended up with a nearly matched pair of 31 inchers on a simultaneous hook set double header to push our keeper total for the day to a dozen, and we probably had close to 20 fish in the quality schoolie to keeper in training range.

We also stuck (for the most part) with 7″ baits on 1 oz heads, and that seemed to help a lot too. I got my keepers on a 7″ Ayu Fin-S Fish, while Alex used an Albino 7″ Magnum Super Fluke.

Next time out, our big fish strategy might end up getting us skunked or giving us a one fish day. Or it may not last the day, when a lack of action sends us back to the thick schools to get bit at all. Or who knows, it might just give us another day like today, or maybe even better!

We still have count and cadence issues to iron out, too. Pretty sure Alex got most of his keeper and quality schoolie action running his bait higher and faster than I was working mine.

We’ll continue to experiment. In the meantime, enjoy some fish porn below.

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