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Fishing with Jimfish

Housy on 12/1

Jimfish and I hit the Housy on Friday morning, and had what has lately become the typical striper day. Almost 350 schoolies, but no keepers. Despite the wind and bright sun, we did catch a couple dozen of them on topwater, so that added to the fun. No keepers, so no pictures, other than the one Phil Co shot of us fishing as he went by.

Lillinonah on 12/3

For Sunday, we decided to take a trip away from the schoolies and see about some cold water, deep water largemouth, and possibly some crappie at Lake Lillinonah.

Jimfish struck first with an OK largemouth on Jim’s Jumbo Jig, within the first few minutes we fished. I then got a very skinny smallmouth on my own 1 ounce jig, and a few minutes later, a chunky largemouth on the drop shot. All those fish came from our starting area. When we spied a bunch of suspended fish that were likely crappie, Jim grabbed his ultralight and put one in the boat. A small one.

And other than some ridiculously tiny crappie and bluegill, that was it for our  fishing today. We did a whole lot more casting, but you sure couldn’t tell by our catch rate that we were actually fishing. We got on top of some pretty thick schools of crappie in some of my favorite crappie spots, but just couldn’t get bit. The calicos were doing their best imitation of February schoolies in the Housy!

Check out the Wi-Fish app screen grabs from my Raymarine Dragonfly!

And finally, the two bass I managed to catch before they shut down completely on us!

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