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Another Housy excursion

Steve and I hit the Housy and surrounding environs again yesterday (11/3) and found the fishing to be pretty similar to what it had been a couple days earlier. We caught fish from the Sound, both East and West of the mouth of the River,and from the river mouth itself. Not as much of our catch was on topwater plugs and unweighted soft plastics as it had been, but overall, we caught more fish. I believe our final tally was 138 stripers and one bluefish.

A 7.5" Albino Shad Slug-Go fished on top was responsible for this 34 incher.

A 7.5″ Albino Shad Slug-Go fished on top was responsible for this 34 incher.

My one keeper came on topwater (unweighted 7.5″ Slug-Go) but I caught far more fish on 5″ Freaky Fish rigged on a 1/2 ounce jighead. Surprised us both by catching fish on an unweighted 7″ Fin-S Fish over deeper water, when there was no surface activity going on, and we were catching them on jighead rigged baits. I didn’t try to keep it on top, but it was certainly working within inches of the surface. Caught 3 in a row doing that, but unfortunately, on the third one, the innards of the Penn Battle II 4000 I was using to fish it on exploded on the hook set. It wasn’t even a big fish, so who knows what’s up with that?

Despite having come down with a nasty head cold within hours of getting home yesterday and feeling like crap today, I disassembled the reel and ordered the parts to repair it this afternoon. Now I’ve got to pull apart a couple casting reels and clean/lube them.

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