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Catching up…

Got a bit behind on the blogging.

Steve Durkee and I fished the Connecticut River on Friday, and it was beyond awesome. Stripers chasing schools of peanut bunker everywhere. We caught them on topwater plugs and on unweighted soft baits fished on top until the boat traffic got busy and it seemed to hurt that bite.

Started to be a lot more chasing than catching once there got to be more than 5 or 6 boats involved. We started to chase them outside the river a bit, but it was a bit too sporty out there for our taste.

But switching to jighead rigged plastics and fishing for the fish that were holding in and around the river channel produced great. We ended up catching over 100 stripers between us, with 5 ‘legals’.

On Saturday, I went back to the CTR, and Alex Esmeraldo came with me. Fishing was…



We had some surface activity early, but there were a lot more turnaways than actual strikes. I think I only boated one fish on topwater on Saturday. The rest of the 45 fish or so we caught came on jighead rigged plastics, which would have been fine, if the fish were averaging a bigger size.

With the taste of Friday’s great fishing still fresh in my mouth, Saturday was disappointing.

With the rains that hit us today (Sunday) I’m not sure when either of the rivers will be in decent shape to fish again. But I’ll get out there an investigate as soon as conditions allow.

Here’s for Friday Fish Porn.

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