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Back to the sweet side of bassin’

After two days of striper fishing, today, I took Yasunori to Mudge, for a shot at a big largemouth. Overall, the bite wasn’t great, but when you start with one like this, 20 minutes into the day, there’s no way to be disappointed.

That fish, along with a couple more came on the big jig. I guess it would classify as black and blue, but when you have two skirts on a jig and one of them is all black and the other is black with two strands of blue rubber, and you hang a black 4″ Piggy Back on it for a trailer, can you really call it black & blue?

Yasunori also caught 4 on lighter, smaller jigs, and I got I think 8 on the drop shot. But other than the one toad, all the rest of the fish we boated were a lot closer to this than to the one above.

Yasunori’s last fish came from shallow water, but that was the only hit we had shallower than about 17 feet all day.

Best part of today was no pickerel. Can’t remember the last time I fished a drop shot most of the day at Mudge and finished with the same hook and weight I started with. No toothy critter will do that for you!


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