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CTR with Steve Durkee and Yasunori Imai

Yasunori and I joined Steve Durkee for a striper and albie excursion out of the Baldwin Bridge ramp today. We were surprised that the lot was almost empty when we put in a few minutes after 7, given that today was the start of the fall blackfish season.

The albies never showed.

The stripers more than held up their end of the bargain.

The first stop, we had a triple hookup. But they weren’t the big fish we were looking for, and they were all caught on jighead rigged plastics. We wanted fat girls on topwater, so we left and went on the prowl. It didn’t take long to find what we were looking for, and we had two more triple headers in short order.

Steve may have to change the name of his boat from double header to triple header!

We caught quality fish on topwater all through the last hour and a half or so of the outgoing tide. When it slowed a little, we went out into the sound in search of albies.

That turned out to be a waste of time and gas.

Back in the river, we got on better fish on jig and plastic, although Yasunori stuck with the topwater plug and caught another good one on that. I hooked the only bluefish of the day. I got all the fun part of a blue, from the savage attack and the bulldog runs to a couple sweet headshaking jumps before it went and did what bluefish do. Bye-bye bluefish, bye-bye lure.

On a hunch, we took a ride a few miles inland.

Sometimes, playing a hunch pays off bigtime.

Not today.

Back down in our normal stomping grounds, we found schoolies blitzing peanut bunker and caught the snot out of them for 20 minutes or so. Not big, but a fish every cast on topwater is still fun. Eventually, we hit our cleanup spot and got another handful of bigger schoolies on jigheads before calling it quits at about 1:45.

The parking lot at the ramp was no longer anywhere near empty. The number of trailers in the lot was surprising for a weekday — even a weekday that also happens to be to start of toggin’.

I believe that we ended the day with 17 or 18 keepers out of more than 60 fish among the three of us.

Here’s a sample of today’s fish porn.

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