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The day was hot. The fishing – not.

I was up in the air about where to fish today — Lakeville or Twin.

I wouldn’t use the term adamant, but Jimfish was pretty vocal in his preference for a Twin Lakes outing.

So I’m blaming him for the lousy fishing day we endured.

We fished from about 7 until almost 2, and put a grand total of 8 bass in the boat.



In the boat.

Between us.

8? That works out to almost two bucks per bass, just for the launch fee. Or about 35 cents per fish if you count the pickerel, rock bass, rainbow trout and perch that also came aboard for a few seconds.

But let’s confine ourselves to the target species. I caught 5 bass, all on the drop shot. Jim caught 3, all on his Jumbo Jig. You would think that the big jig would have been more productive, when you consider the crayfish parts that they were spitting up, and the big, hard lumps some of them had in their bellies. Heck, even some of the rock bass had huge crawdads sticking out of their throats. Seemed like everything that was chewing, was hunting crayfish. So why wasn’t the big jig the dominant presentation of the day?

It certainly was appropriate for the depth we got bit in. Except for one lost soul that I got in about 10 feet, everything we caught came from deep (18 to 30 feet) water.

Among the too numerous pickerel we had today, each of us got one in the 5 to 6+ pound range. Oddly, Jim’s biggest lake snake was our first fish of the morning. Mine was the last fish of the afternoon.

Here’s our better catches of the day. I’m still blaming Jim.

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