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A salty sojourn for a Tuesday morning

Steve Durkee and I visited the Thimble Islands area around Branford again this morning, arriving just before dead low tide, and catching fish through most of the incoming.

A gaggle of geese seems to have made the new boat ramp their home. Geese on a concrete boat ramp can make for a pretty slippery situation, and when I walked down the ramp to unhook the winch on Steve’s boat and let it slide off the trailer, I covered most of the distance sliding myself. Somehow, I remained vertical, and stopped before sliding right off the ramp. But after unhooking the boat, I sidled very carefully to the dock and used it as a railing to make my way back up the ramp.

We found some bunker being chased by what was likely medium sized bluefish at the mouth of the river and got some blow ups on unweighted soft baits and a Magnum Spook, but no hook ups, and we didn’t spend too much time on them.

We caught fish off a couple reefs, mostly through the first half of the incoming. The best part of the day was about 2.5 hours on spot lock with Steve’s Terrova, in one spot, catching fish — or at least getting bit — the whole time. At first, it was all stripers, with a mix of sizes that seemed to top out a little under keeper size, but eventually some blues starting getting into the mix, and before too long, it was almost all blues, all the time.

The choppers did a lot of jumping and some really hard pulling. But mostly, they did a lot of chewing. On our baits and through our lines. Eventually, we had to pull off that spot, while we still owned some of our plastics and jig heads.

We found another few fish here and there, but by 11AM or so, it was pretty much over, and we were headed back to the ramp before noon. A short outing, but a fun one, and between the two of us, we caught and release over 75 fish. I’d rather not get into how many blues we lost tackle to that never got to the boat.

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