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Piscatorial smorgasbord on the Sound

Steve Durkee and I enjoy fishing the Branford area of the Sound because of all the rocky islands, humps reefs and so forth.  You always seem to have a fishy looking spot within casting range. But with the state ramp in Branford closed for renovations for the past couple years, we haven’t had the opportunity to get out there.

The newly renovated ramp finally opened over this past weekend, and we took the opportunity today to check out the ramp and fish some of our favorite spots.

Ostensibly, we were after stripers. But we caught almost everything there is to catch on a hunk of plastic in Long Island Sound. Stripers. Bluefish. Black Sea Bass. Porgy. Fluke. Blackfish. I figure the only thing we didn’t catch that we might have expected to, was a sea robin. And that’s no great loss.

That’s the thing about fishing all those rocky structures. Just keep moving around and casting to anything that breaks the tidal current and causes a rip or a slick, and you’re bound to catch something, sooner or later. Eventually, you should see a pattern emerge, as to how deep to concentrate your efforts, whether to fish the up current or down current end of an island or shoal, and so forth.

None of the 50+ stripers we caught were keepers, and the blues were only 5 or 6 pounds each. We did have some large porgies, but hey, they’re porgies. Steve’s fluke (which he caught on a super fluke!) wasn’t quite a keeper, either. So that left me with only a couple fish to take pics of. Steve had a pretty good ‘tog, and I had a big ol’ knotheaded sea bass.


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