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As of today’s trip…

…with Alex Esmeraldo, each of the four guys (Alex, Steve Durkee, Carl Lovisolo and Jim Boyne) who made it a point to get me on the water frequently during the 4 months I was boatless, have now been out in the new Ranger at least once. They all have a standing invite for as long as they want it.

Alex and I didn’t catch a whole lot of fish today. But it was a damned successful trip, regardless. After Alex started the day off with a personal best 46 incher, the 3 keepers, 2 blues and bunch of schoolies we caught over the course of the rest of the morning, all seemed kind of anticlimactic.

Alex’s 46 was an epic catch on a fresh water casting reel, 7 foot medium heavy action, fresh water bass rod and 20# test braid. The fish ran 30-plus yards of line off the reel several times, and twice charged the boat so fast that Alex thought he’d lost the fish! Eventually the fish tired, and Alex brought it boatside. It was easily the biggest fish that has been aboard in the short life so far of my new boat. I suspect it will hold that title for a long while. A few quick pictures, and it was back in the water for a revival session until it bit down so hard on Alex’s hand he knew it was good to go and let the fat girl swim away.

Later, Alex got to see his first CTR sturgeon leaping, too.

Details: Foggy early, cloudy all day. Light, breeze out of the ENE early, switching to a moderately stiff blow out of the SE after noon. 69 to 71 degree surface temp, and the water was reasonably clear. We hit the water at 4:45AM and were off the water before 1:30. All the keepers, near keepers and bluefish were caught on unweighted, 9″ Slug-Gos, fished on or near the surface. We caught some smaller schoolies on the same 5 to 7″ plastics and 1 oz jigheads we use during the winter.

Here’s some fish porn.


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