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Sun, sun and more sun.

On Tuesday, I fished with Steve Durkee.  It was sunny, and our two keepers both came before the sun got over the treeline on the eastern horizon. A lot of moving and experimenting kept us on fish most of the time, but the bite was anything but hot.

Hey Carl, that's not a striper!

Hey Carl, that’s not a striper!

On Wednesday, I went out with Carl Lovisolo and his friend Patrick. We raised a few good fish to our topwaters, but with the bright, cloudless sky, they were very non-committal, and none of them felt steel, much less made a trip to the boat. The three of us managed about 50 fish, with no keepers. The highlight of the day was Carl catching a largemouth twitchng an unweighted 7″ Fin-S Fish meant for stripers.

Today I was back out with Steve Durkee. Once again the sun was high and bright, although we did have some very light cloud cover early on. Thin as it was, that cloud cover filtered enough of the sunlight to extend the daybreak bite window for a while, and I managed to hook three early keepers to 34 inches, all on topwater, and all from different areas of the river.

But once that thin cloud cover disappeared, it was over. The topwater action died first. Then the jig and plastic action. We re-ran every area we’d caught fish from and managed to catch a whopping two more schoolies after the sun got high and unfiltered. With a catch of about 35 fish between us, we were headed for the trailer about 11AM.

The one saving grace of the weather we’ve had this week is that the water in the river is finally warming up. Surface temps were above 60 when we pulled the boat from the water a few minutes past 11 this morning. Not sure how many fish are left in the river, and what the majority of the herring are up to, having had their initial attempts at spawning laid waste by the three week series of cold fronts that preceded this week’s heat wave. But I guess I’ll have to go out there tomorrow to see if I can figure it out.

When I checked the weather before leaving home this morning, tomorrow’s forecast called for mixed sun and clouds in the morning. When I got home a little before noon, the cloudy part of that mixed forecast had disappeared. Yep, tomorrow looks like another bright and sunny day.





Just what I need.


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