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I think I’m slipping

Alex Esmeraldo and I have been fishing the tidal Housy on Easter morning for 10 years or so. Last year was the first time I can recall that there were other boats on the river with us. To the best of my recollection there were two.

Today, I counted 9 trailers at the Derby Ramp and another half-dozen at Sunnyside. A couple more boats came up river from beyond the Rte 1 bridge, too. I wouldn’t say it was crowded, but it sure wasn’t like having the place to ourselves.

Water temp flirted with 51 degrees before we hightailed it for the trailer just after 10:30.

Under bright skies and dead calm winds, the fishing was mediocre at best. At least that’s the way it seemed to me. But it might have been me more than the fish. Other than a 32 incher at the morning twilight, neither Alex nor I had anything decent. The problem was, I was barely catching anything at all. Alex wasn’t counting, but I’d conservatively guesstimate his catch at 75 to 80 fish. Meanwhile, I was counting, so I know that I caught 25.



We’d pull up on a spot and Alex would catch 8 or 10 to my 2 or 3. Or sometimes, my nothing. A big run for me today was catching two in a row  followed by another one 3 or 4 four casts later. Something just ain’t right!

I probably spent too much time with a topwater bait in my hand, as there was zero reaction to it today. I also spent a good deal of time fishing a 1/2 oz head and a small (5″ range) bait, while Alex stuck with the 7″ and 1 oz combo. But most of the fish I actually did catch, came on the lighter head, so I kept going back to it.

I often stress the importance of repeating the same cast with the same bait, letting it sink for the same count, etc, after you catch a fish. I believe that kind of hurt me today. I think I was fishing something that appealed to a certain group of outliers. I should have been trying to duplicate Alex’s last cast rather than mine, because he was the one getting bit regularly, not me. When I did catch one, repeating what an oddball fell for didn’t help me until I happened to run it by another oddball of a similar bent.

Trying to piece it all together, I think I was fishing too slow and too deep, too often. Or maybe not. I haven’t felt out of the loop with the fish like I did today in a long time. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon. Like on my next trip.

Here’s Alex with the day’s only keeper.

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