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Just when you think you’re on to something…

After putting 150 fish including 26 keepers into the boat yesterday, and enjoying topwater action all morning, Steve Durkee and I thought we had their number, and were looking for bigger and better things today.

We launched just before daybreak, and gave Carl Lovisolo’s partner Patrick, a ride out to Carl’s boat. Steve put the Minnkota on spot lock so Carl could pull up alongside and Patrick could safely step from our boat to his. Since we were on spot lock anyway, as Carl pulled away, I made a cast. Caught a 26 inch fish right there, before we even went to any of our fishing spots.

Oh, boy! Great day on tap for sure!

Yeah, not so much.

Actually, once we got to where we had intended to start, the first hour of daylight went more or less according to the script.

Sort of.

Got some quick topwater action, and the jig rigged soft plastics produced a few keeper sized fish. But the bite was definitely slower than we expected, and the jerkbait that was so hot yesterday was going untouched. The big difference though, was the lack of preyfish in the area that had been chock full of bait just yesterday. There were still bass around, but once the sun started to get high, catching them got to be a whole lot more tedious than we were expecting, and just enough tougher than we were willing to deal with, that we knew we had to find some new water.

Just to steal a little more time out of what was already set to be a shorther than normal day, while trying to get into a shallow area via an even shallower route, we bumped a gravel bar with the trolling motor, and broke the shear pin. Steve’s spare parts were in his other boat, and we were about to improvise when the ever prepared Rick Zucca came by. Of course he had a Minnkota shear pin on board. A few minutes later, both boats were on their way off to find some biters.

An hour later, we’d found a fish here, a couple there, and had pretty much run out of options, unless we wanted to make a long run — a move that would severely cut into the limited time I had left to fish, as I had an afternoon appointment to get to. But then my cell phone rang, and it was Zucca, telling us that the run we’d been pondering might be worth it. So we made the run.

And it was.

Worth it.

We didn’t add to our keeper total, but found some pretty fast and steady action for an hour or so before we had to split, and ended the morning with almost a hundred fish between us, including the keepers we got at our starting water before it slowed way down.

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