Catching up…

Got a bit behind on the blogging.

Steve Durkee and I fished the Connecticut River on Friday, and it was beyond awesome. Stripers chasing schools of peanut bunker everywhere. We caught them on topwater plugs and on unweighted soft baits fished on top until the boat traffic got busy and it seemed to hurt that […]

Today was NOT yesterday.

Yesterday… a thing of beauty and joy. Calm. Cloudy. Warm. Bait everywhere. Stripers everywhere. Much chewing. Much happiness.

Today… An ugly mess. Windy. Cloudy. Cold. Bait here and there. Stripers here and there, but nowhere for very long. Little chewing. Much frustration.

Yesterday… fished alone, from 9:30 or so until a little after 3. Caught […]

Mud. Debris. Stripers.

Wherever I found baitfish really bunched up in less than 8 to 10 feet of water, there were fish chasing them. (Cell phone screen grab from my Raymarine Dragonfly 7Pro)

Tuesday night’s deluge turned much of the Housatonic the color of coffee with just a touch of milk. It also put every log, branch, pile of leaves, discarded coffee cup and water bottle into motion. And let’s not forget the effluent from Waterbury’s sewage plant disaster coming down the Naugatuck, right into the Housy.

I […]

CTR stripers before the weather turns

The weather is supposed to take a turn for the ugly over the next couple days, but Monday was beautiful, so we had to get out fishing!

Joined Steve Durkee for a Connecticut River excursion. Due to some battery issues, we got a late start. Then we went to a spot where we knew we’d […]

Housy mouth and LIS with Alex

Alex and I haven’t been fishing together since the early summer, shortly after I got my new boat. Today, we used his boat, because he has a permit for the Stratford ramp, and we knew we’d be fishing down near the mouth of the river, and with the forecast for calm seas, we suspected we […]