Today, I had the blues

Swimming past the boat, not giving a damn about being hooked.

And the blues made me happy.


Not when I was still deluding myself into believing we were fishing for stripers and threw a $30 glide bait.

A bluefish ate it two cranks into the retreive and I never saw it again.

That wasn’t a happy moment.

At least the topwater plug I threw caught […]

A non-typical day at Lakeville

Jim's best fish came off a deep, sand grass flat.

Based on history, if I had to pick one technique to rely on at Lakeville, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick a drop shot rig.

If the day I had to make this theoretical choice was yesterday, I’d probably have come in empty handed. Unless I was specifically targeted big pickerel; Then the drop shot would […]

Text book day at Mudge

That sky does not look inviting at all

Some days, you wonder if everything you think you know about bass behavior is wrong. And there’s other days, when the fish seem to follow the script to a tee. Rarely though, do you experience a day in which weather conditions change steadily through the course of the day to the extent that you can […]

Quick Tuesday trip to Branford

Fishing wasn’t great. Not horrible, really, but not great.

Weather report called for mid 80s with a light breeze, increasing to 10 mph by morning’s end. We got a 70 degree early AM with heavy wind, followed by the most stifling hot, humid, dead still air day can remember on the Sound.

We got some […]

4 days in the North country

Champlain produces a lot of quality fish, but fish over 6 aren't all that common there. This one's closer to 7. It ate an ayu SwimFish.

I no longer get up to Lake Champlain 6 times or more per year like I did 8 or 9 years ago. These days, it’s once or at most, twice. But when I go, it’s usually for 3 or 4 days, and my son Tom and I try to spend as many hours as possible […]