Knew going in it was going to be tough

Jimfish and I went to Mudge yesterday.

We went with high hopes, but low expectations.

The weather forecast called for mostly sunny, but 15 degrees cooler than Friday, with a stiff Northeast wind. Not a good formula for a successful day on the water.

But instead of mostly sunny, we got completely cloudy — at […]

Midweek Lillinonah trip – Short and not so sweet

I am not a big fan of Lillinonah in the summertime. Actually, much like Zoar, I spend little time there when the water’s above 45 or so. But the way things worked out today, that’s where I felt like I could go.

So I did.

Spent about 6 hours on the water, but to tell […]

A short day on the Sound

Steve Durkee and I hit Long Island Sound this morning, despite my having to be off the water and headed home by 11:30.

As it turned out, we could have been off the water by 10 and done nearly as well. Heck, I could have headed for home happy at 6 after catching what would […]

Largemouth fishing at Mudge

Carl Lovisolo and I took the new Ranger up to Mudge on Friday. It started out chilly (56!), rainy and with a stiff northerly breeze, and after an hour or so, morphed into a cool (mid 60s), calm, and intermittently drizzly day.

Seemed like perfect conditions for shallow, aggressive bass. I caught my first few […]

Hot day, hot bite

Today might’ve been the hottest, most humid day of the year so far. The haze this morning was so heavy that it looked like fog, and even though it was only a little over 80 when Steve Durkee and I launched a bit past 5 am, the humidity was oppressive. The temp climbed quickly, but […]