I sure am glad we got out early today

Steve Durkee and I hit the lower Connecticut River today.

Overall, it was a disappointing outing. It would have been even more disappointing if we hadn’t gotten out by 5:30. My first two fish, both caught on an unweighted, 7″ Sexy Shiner Fin-S Fish and both caught before 6:15, would be our only two keepers […]

Was today the last hurrah for the Housy?

Steve and I had planned to fish the Connecticut River today, as it seemed to us that the action in the Housy had fallen way off toward the end of last week. But with the prediction for heavy rain combined with 20-plus winds out of the east, we opted for the narrower and more protected […]

Sun, sun and more sun.

On Tuesday, I fished with Steve Durkee. It was sunny, and our two keepers both came before the sun got over the treeline on the eastern horizon. A lot of moving and experimenting kept us on fish most of the time, but the bite was anything but hot.

Hey Carl, that’s not a striper!


Something’s a little off in the Housy

And that something is the water temperature. Seems like about 10 days ago, the water temp flirted with 60 for a day or two, and may have actually broken that mark for about 15 minute late one sunny afternoon.

Today, the water temperature was a solid 54~55 degrees, even after the air temp had been […]

The fishing today was good, mediocre, bad and very good, in that order.

Carl Lovisolo and I launched early today, to catch a couple hours of the outgoing tide. As expected, with the tide running out pretty good, the fish were chewing. And there was no doubt that the hot bite was on a 9″ Slug-Go. We both put a 7″ class bait into the mix, and had […]