The river is a different place on the weekend.

When Steve Durkee and I launched at about 5:30 this morning, we were the only boat on the river. When we were headed in a bit after two, the parking lot was full of trailers.

Cruising back to the ramp at the end of our day.

We fished from near the Derby ramp to […]

Two days on the river

Wednesday’s trip was a short one.

A wet, short one.

Steve & I had planned to be off the water by noon, as he had a 1pm commitment. Fishing was mediocre, and with the chilly temps, stronger than forecast wind, and a whole lot more rain than we expected. When they said intermittent showers, the […]

Mixed results today

When Carl Lovisolo & I launched his boat this morning, I had a laundry list of things I wanted to try and places I wanted to check.

Some of those techniques worked well, and some didn’t. Some worked in some of the places I wanted to check, but in other places,we had to revert to […]

Two days that looked similar but couldn’t have been more different, fishwise.


Steve Durkee and I hit the river early Friday morning, and I was rewarded with a 31 inch keeper during the morning twilight period. Caught a few more fish in that area, but nothing that was going to keep us there for very long. We soon started a milk run of spots with a […]

To the sweetwater!

Jimfish's pond boat ready to take on the day.

Here it is the middle of April and I’ve been so preoccupied chasing stripers that until today, I hadn’t been fishing for freshwater bass. Figured it was time to change that, so I joined Jimfish for a day on the pond.

With bass likely in early prespawn mode and some pretty strong winds forecast for […]