Training Day

Today was the first day I was free to fish this week. I was a bit torqued off that other commitments had prevented me from taking advantage of what I knew would be a muddy river, fat girls chomping situation following the big rain and snow melt run-off earlier in the week, and wasn’t really […]

Yesterday’s short trip

Photo courtesy of Phil Co

Was so tired from 3 consecutive days on the river that I chose sleep over writing a blog entry yesterday. So here it is, a day late.

Steve & I hit the water a day break again, knowing we had to be off by 11:30 for him to make his dental appointment. After two days […]

Today was not too unlike yesterday.

My keeper for the day.

Started off a little colder and eventually got a little warmer than yesterday, and the wind didn’t blow quite as hard, although it did blow a lot harder than the 8 mph that was in the forecast. The water temp was a degree or so higher, and the fish were in pretty much the same […]

Seems like it’s been forever…

…since my last time out fishing. It’s only been eleven days, but really seems a lot longer than that. I haven’t missed that many consecutive days of fishing in years, except when I was hospitalized for something or the river was locked in with ice for an extended period.

No ice this time, just bitter […]

The winds were “variable” today.

Our last keeper in the boat came at 6:17 and went 30-1/2

When we launched Steve’s boat in the dark this morning, we knew the calm winds wouldn’t last, and we were glad to be getting out ahead of the wind. And we were glad we did, as we had a great flurry of big fish activity before a wind about twice as strong as the worst […]