Mission improbable

Steve Durkee and I set out on a mission this morning. We wanted to see if we could get a big fish bite or two without the benefit of the muddy water that Alex and I enjoyed on Sunday, by staying in the general area where the fat girls were active and chewing. It meant […]

Dirty water!

Here's a clear shot of the dirty Naugatuck's mud line along the East bank of the Housy.

The river was dirty today, my friends.

Even though conditions bordered on brutal with near freezing temps and a strong and persistent North wind, Alex and I went fishing anyway. We were hoping that last night’s intense rain squalls lasted long enough somewhere up stream, to muddy up the river. And it did!

We fished […]

A little behind in the blog department

Fished with Alex last Sunday, but the fishing was decidedly unspectacular, so I told myself, I’d just wait and combine that report with one for Tuesday, when I’d be going out with Carl & his buddy Jeff. The fishing was marginally better on Tuesday, but not better enough to justify a blog. Best to wait […]

Finally, a day on the water.

Weather and what-not kept both Steve Durkee and me off the water since last Wednesday. Finally, a window of decent weather, a hole in both our schedules and a (marginally) accessible ramp happened to coincide, so we headed for the river yesterday.

When we launched his boat at about 7, it was already well past […]

Getting out before the storm.

Tomorrow is forecast to be our most substantial snowstorm of the season. But today was about as nice a February day on the Housy as as I’ve seen. Started out in low-to-mid 30s, and dead calm. By the time Steve Durkee and I left, it was in the mid-fifties with a mild breeze. There had […]