The good, the bad, the ugly

Went to the river with Steve Durkee this morning. According to the tide chart, we were about a half hour into the incoming tide. Seemed a little farther into the incoming than that, but it was probably just a weak tide with a whole lot of extra water on top of it. Didn’t really matter, […]

Almost as nice a day as yesterday.

The weather cooperated once again today. Except for a brief period of sunshine after the haze and fog went away and before the clouds moved in, it was a few degrees cooler than yesterday. But once again, the wind didn’t blow enough to bother anyone, and the barometer stayed low.

With the nice weather, we […]

A warm, calm, weekend day…

This was at about 8AM, before the real crowds got out.

…brings out the crowds.

It’s been a few years — well, more than a few, actually — since we had weather this inviting on a weekend day during mid-winter. I’d forgotten just how crowded the river can get.

Alex and I were one of the first boats out this morning, but between the low light, […]

Count, cadence and ESP

Today — for Carl Lovisolo and I anyway — the Housy was all about count, cadence, and the ability to recognize bites you couldn’t necessarily feel.

That and maximizing your time on fish that would bite.

We had everything down except the last part. I was kind of stubborn early on, after marking some fish […]

Not bad, but not great

When the fish are packed so tight the depth sounder mistakes them for bottom

Jimfish and I hit the river today, and having completed my radiation regimen yesterday, I didn’t have to head for the ramp at 11:30!

Unfortunately, it ended up taking us 7-1/2 hours to catch 4 hours worth of fish, so the extra time was kind of a wash.


When the fish are packed […]