A couple post-Christmas trips.

Fished with the Ryans this week. Adams on Tuesday and Glover on Wednesday. Both being teachers, they had this week off, and wanted to catch some stripers.

The fishing was good both days — at least as far as numbers are concerned. On Wednesday. Ryan Adams & I started catching them before we got more […]

Lots of changes on the river, but the fishing remains awfully good.

The radiology therapists wanted to get out as early as possible for the long Christmas weekend and they had some holes in their morning schedule, so they asked if I could change today’s appointment to the morning. That was fine by me, as it would theoretically allow me a longer fishing day — from 10AM […]

Fishing on the first day of winter.

Finally got out on the water again today. I think my short term memory is failing me, because I really couldn’t remember when I’d fished last. Turns out it was Friday.

So like 5 days ago.

Still, for me, five days without fishing is an awfully long time.

Steve Durkee and I hit the water […]

Fishing ahead of the front

The forecast called for a repeat of the previous day’s calm and mild weather, at least for the morning. After that, the winds would increase and the temperature would plummet as a nasty-azz cold front moved in. Depending on whose predictions I chose to believe, the comfortable conditions might hold out until the evening, or […]

Mornings don’t get much more perfect than this

Carl Lovisolo joined me for a morning outing on the Housy today. It was cold and crisp at 6:30 when we met at the ramp. It was still cold and crisp when we finally got done getting the boat loaded and launched around seven, and it stayed that way until about 9:30, when the sun […]