Seem to have fallen a little behind on blogging

Got out with Alex on Thanksgiving morning. We had to be off the water by 11:30, so it was a short trip, but we managed about 60 fish each, and had a whole bunch of keepers in training in the mix. Our hot technique was a slow, steady retrieve with a 7″ bait on a […]

Great, good, bad, horrendous, good, bad, good, meh.

The fishing today could be called variable, I guess.

Alex Esmeraldo and I visited the Housy. We ran a long way down river before ever touching a fishing rod. When we did, I caught a keeper in training on my first cast. We proceeded to catch the snot out of them, mostly fishing a classic […]

Fishing was good today. Not “yesterday good,” but good, nonetheless.

Carl Lovisolo joined me in the G3 today and Steve took his G3 and fished with Dave. We mostly kept within sight of each other, except when Steve and Dave ran right down to a big fish topwater bite, while Carl & I wasted 3/4 hour or so putting about 40 schoolies in the boat.


I think the fish were hungry today!

Took a solo trip to the Housy today. Just wanted to get out, have some fun and clear my head.

Hooksets would do that.

A lot of hooksets.

Didn’t get to the river until almost quarter to eight, and by the time I got the boat squared away and launched, it was past eight. Really […]

Numbers game

If you had told me after the first hour of fishing this morning that neither Steve Durkee nor I would get a keeper striper today, I might have laughed at you. There were birds working bait as far as we could see, up river and down. And quality fish were chewing. 16 of the first […]