Another morning on the river

Alex and I hit the Housy again this morning, from around 7 until 12:30.

We didn’t get as many opportunities to swing on a fish today as yesterday, but we still caught a bunch. But after not seeing a single yellow eyed devil yesterday, we got a whole lot of them today. A few bite-offs, […]

A morning on the river

Fished the Housy with Alex this morning. Fish seem to have spread out, and at least this morning, they were chewing. The bunker schools have really thinned out, but the bass were chasing what appeared to be hickory shad.

Seems to me that the bite is always good when they are on the hickories.

Anyway, […]

Couldn’t have asked for a much better first day back

After two weeks away from the water following my pacemaker implant, I finally got out there today.

Steve & I hit the Housy at daybreak. I was hoping for a couple things. A topwater fish or two, enough hook set opportunities to quench my thirst for action, and at least one big fish.

First […]

In case you were wondering

where the fishing reports have been…

Well, in what seems to be an almost annual autumn occurrence, medical issues are keeping me off the water. And my medical issues always seem to have complications that cut further into my fishing time.

Anyone who has spoken with me over the past few months knows that I’ve […]

Not great, but not half bad

Hit the Housy with Carl Lovisolo today.

We found some fish without having to run all the way down below Rte 1. Of course were ended up going down there anyway, because you have to check it out this time of year, don’t you?

Turned out to be a waste of time. Caught fish down […]