A little slower on the river today

With the cloudy morning and less wind, I thought that today’s fishing would be even better than yesterday’s.

It was, and it wasn’t.

Carl Lovisolo got the only keeper that made it to the boat today.

The bite certainly wasn’t as strong, and I feel like the predominant size was a bit smaller, although […]

Took a ride down the Housy today

Due to a neck and arm problem, Steve Durkee hadn’t been fishing in a month. He was feeling better, and needed to set a hook or two. So we launched his boat at the Derby ramp on the Housy early this morning to see if we couldn’t stir up something in the mood to chew.


It’s a good thing I’m a “glass half full” kinda guy…

…otherwise, I might be tempted to make a negative post about today’s fishing results.

But I want to keep things upbeat and positive, so here goes.

Fishing sucked.

It sucked at Mudge.

It sucked more at Lakeville.

If we had more time, we could have found someplace else that sucked, too.

That’ the best thing […]

Geezers are persistent.

We are nothing, if not persistent.

Or is stubborn a better word?

Jimfish & I went to Mudge today. We were hoping/expecting to find similar fish activity to the last time were were there.

We didn’t.

Instead, we found the fishing pretty slow and tedious. No flurries. No runs of four or five fish off […]

Candlwood with the geezer in training.

Funny, but C’wood used to be my home lake, and now I hardly ever fish it. Carl & I ventured out there today. It wasn’t as kind to me as it should have been, seeing as how we’re old friends and all.

This decent topwater fish was our first fish of the day.

Caught […]