Mudge under near perfect conditions.

It’s a straight stretch of road, and it was mid day on a bright but cloudy day. You kind of hope that it was caused by an animal running across the road, because the only other explanations that come to mind involve falling asleep (not particularly likely at noon) and text messaging.

Jimfish and […]

Chasing smallies

Carl Lovisolo and I went river smallie fishing today. We caught a bunch, and we caught them on a wide array of presentations. A variety of grubs, drop shot Ribsters in several color patterns, big, bright, gaudy spinnerbaits, a lipless rattling crank bait, and on topwater plugs. A fun and relaxing day on the water, […]

It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t “Mahopac good”

Carl Lovisolo and I took a ride to Mahopac today. Between the late start imposed by the marina’s hours and having to leave a bit early so I could get home for a family commitment, we only fished less than 6-1/2 hours. We caught quite a few fish — a few on a little Grubster, […]

Post frontal stripers and blues

On Saturday Steve Durkee and Dave Touhey (aka Double Header and This Side Up) had some great topwater fishing for big blues not far from the mouth of the Connecticut River. Steve & I had made plans to fish the same area today. But Sunday’s frontal system — or more precisely, yesterday and today’s post […]

Happy Birthday, Tom

I head to Vermont every August to celebrate my son’s birthday with him. Of course being who we are, Tom & I celebrate by going fishing.

For his birthday today, we headed to a New York lake we have both really enjoyed since we first fished it, almost 6 years ago.

It being his birthday […]