A side trip to the salt

Into the Fog

Steve returned from his European Vacation, and needed a fishing fix. So we launched at 5:30 this morning in Old Saybrook, and headed out in the fog.

We threw some unweighted plastics in the river for a while. We rolled a few fish, and I caught a semi-decent blue. By semi-decent, […]

Went looking for my mojo

It’s not like I didn’t catch anything the other day at East Twin, but I never really felt like I got on them or figured anything out. Other than one little patch of weed that produced 3 fish in a hurry, it was one fish at a time, from a variety of different types of […]

Go away sun, you bother me.

I guess we were headed for East Twin today come hell or high water. Bad plan. With the serious dearth of vegetative cover, the lake fishes lousy in the sunshine.

And boy, did we ever have some sunshine today.

It was oppressively hot and sunny today, with barely an occasional wisp of a breeze. Definitely […]

Fishing with my granddaughter

It’s been a long while since I had the opportunity to fish with either of my daughter’s kids. You know how busy teenagers get. But when Shelby came home for summer vacation this year, she told me she wanted to make it point to get out with me before she went back to college. Her […]

I do love summertime bass fishing!

To be honest, I love springtime, fall and early winter bass fishing, too. But the last couple three or four years, those darned stripey fish have really kept me on the rivers all spring long, and by October, I seem to be chasing the big girls again, so most of my fresh water bass fishing […]