No clouds, no fun.

Steve Durkee and I hit the Connecticut River this morning.

It was nothing like my last trip there on Tuesday.


Tuesday was cloudy all day with intermittent sprinkles.

Today wasn’t.

What today was, was bright and sunny.

Very bright.

Very Sunny.

Breezy, too.

We each hooked up with our only keepers of the […]

A Slug ‘n’ Spook Kind of Day!

Ryan Glover joined me on the river this morning.

The prospect of a day of solid cloud cover and intermittent showers had me giddy with anticipation. Nothing shuts down a good topwater bite like bright sunshine, and with none in the forecast for once, we were looking forward to an extended period of surface busting […]

I knew it would be a short day, but…

I was thinking like 3 or 4 hours.

Not 90 minutes.

Truth is, I actually stayed for almost 5 hours. But the only thing I managed to do after about 6:30 was feed soft plastic to small bluefish, of which there were many.

The first hour and a half though, actually made the two hour […]

Hardly any miscues today…

Seemed like all day today, I made the right choices at the right moments. Sure, there were a couple screw ups, but for the most part, today went about as well as a day on the water can.

Got to the ramp at about 5:30, and felt pretty good about getting to fish the last […]

Cloudy days seem in short supply these days.

Even when we get one, the clouds are gone before you know it.

I hit the lower Connecticut this morning around 6. The lighting and thunder were done with, but the clouds were still thick. And with the heavy cloud cover, as expected (well, at least as hoped for) the fish were in a chewing […]