Another happy day on the CTR

Today is the 152nd day of the year. For what it’s worth, I have fished on 65 of those 152 days. Some people keep telling me I fish too much, but heck, that doesn’t even work out to every other day! The reason this comes up is that today, on the 152nd day of the […]

I’ve got that rainy day feelin’ again

Apologies to the Fortunes for paraphrasing their song.

I really had no plans to fish this weekend. And with no plans to fish, I paid little heed to the weather forecast. But yesterday, we were at a holiday cookout, and everyone there was bemoaning the prediction for an all day, soaking rain today.

Naturally, when […]

Not quite what we’d hoped for

Steve and I opted to hit the Connecticut River yesterday. We had some lofty expectations as we headed away from the dock at the Baldwin Bridge boat launch.

We had visions of loads of big fish competing for our topwater offerings.

When we idled back into the ramp eight hours later, we were a couple […]

That pony is feeling a wee bit sickly

Remember yesterday, when I said I was going to ride this horse until it’s dead? The horse being the Housy striper run, of course. Well, just a day later, that pony began to look a little unhealthy.

Until proven otherwise, I’m going to write it off as a case of sunstroke. Even before the fog […]

I know I’m on borrowed time…

…with the topwater bite — any bite for that matter — in the Housatonic. My logs show that for the last 8 seasons, we have been concentrating on the Connecticut River for stripers by the 24th of May, or trying futilely to extend the Housy season beyond what the fish had in mind. But we’re […]