Bewildered & perplexed

Two of the last three days, the fish have told me that the Housy is done for the year.

But why then, did it tell me just the opposite yesterday?

Ryan Adams joined me for an early trip this morning, and we wasted no time in getting into them on top. I had a missed […]

Back on track

My solo trip to the Housatonic this morning was all about getting out of the funk that yesterday’s disappointing outing left me in. I fished from 6:30 to 11:30, and while I caught fish, to be honest, it wasn’t really great, but it was just good enough to push yesterday out of my head. I […]

This has a familiar feel to it…

Seems like every spring, I have a day that makes me post a blog entry suggesting that the striper run in the Housy is over. And it seems like every year, that “over” post is premature.

I sure hope that’s the case this year, because today really felt like if the end isn’t actually here […]

Today was all topwater, all the time!


Steve had to spoil it by catching one on a jerkbait.

Our original plan would have had us on the water by 6. But Steve started to have second thoughts about the early start when he walked outside this morning and it was pouring and cold. He texted. We decided that an 8AM start […]

Nice day on the water

On Sunday, the forecast for today promised an all day rain.

Some time Monday, they backed it off to cloudy all day with afternoon showers.

Then it degenerated to mostly cloudy.

By last night, today’s forecast was down to partly cloudy all day.

When the sky was blue at sunup, I knew we were in […]