How quickly things change…

I was so pumped by yesterday’s topwater action on the Housy, that I set up an extra rod to do the first (no light/low light) hour of today’s trip right. Tied on a 9″, pre-rigged (tandem hook) black Slug-Go on 30# test braid on my heavy meatstick spinning rod. A half dozen casts into the […]

Better than expected

Despite air temps in the upper twenties when Steve & I launched this morning and not a cloud in the forecast, we still had hope, albeit not high hopes, of getting a little topwater action in the first half-hour or so, but beyond that, we weren’t too confident. When we noted that we’d lost 4 […]

Mistakes were made…

The biggest one being going fishing today in the first place.

The second mistake was deciding that there was no point in going out before dawn under raw and rainy conditions. So rather than getting up super early and launching before 6, I slept in, took my time, and launched a little after 7.

Just […]

So about that rain they were promising me…

The forecast called for an all day rain event. Maybe not a soaking, but at least enough to color up the water a little.

Never happened.

If we got 10 minutes total of light drizzle between our 6AM launch and 1PM takeout, it was a lot.

Still the fishing was pretty good. Shortly after daybreak, […]

The fish and the weather made us work harder today.

Steve & I hit the river early again today. It didn’t take long to to realize that today was a new day, and yesterday’s patterns were nothing more than memories.

Our starting area produced only a handful of fish, and none approaching keeper size. When the sun came up, the wind came along for the […]